Role of Ayurveda in Fighting Covid

Role of Ayurveda in Fighting Covid


Ayurveda has emerged as a real-life-saver for millions of people struggling with a global pandemic. The alternative system of medicine has garnered a devout following in the last couple of years, as people find their confidence in modern medicine quite shaking.

Ayurveda has treatment for all concerned areas of Covid-19. It covers Immunity, yoga, respiratory health, mental health, and physical health. The five-step action plan covers the disease and its cure from diagnosis to action. Ayurveda helps boost immunity and has made remarkable growth in the commercial sector.

The Shift Toward Ayurvedic Treatment

The reiterated importance of a strong immune system and faith in natural remedies has triggered an influx of support in the science of Ayurveda. With critical pushback from the Ayush Ministry, the once elite and out-of-sight science of Ayurveda has now been made available to the public.

Ayurvedic treatment centers gave guidance and remedial treatment to more than 3000 patients for Covid19. They also gave preventive medicine that strengthens immunity and refocuses on the cause of overall mind and body development.

The sudden shift to Ayurveda can be traced back to the increasingly invasive, unaffordable, and elite treatment value of modern medicine. The department of Ayurveda has promoted the coursework and the plan regarding the advancement of this treatment.

The Top Ayurveda Recommendations for Fight Against Covid19

Ayurveda has recommended immunity boosters and other enhancers that can be included in our daily diet and lifestyle. Because people are primarily exposed to this virus through the nose, the biggest recommendation lies in between attending holy fumigation or taking steams with potent herbs. Here are some guiding principles applied in the fight against covid:

  • Giving balanced care to your body and understanding its needs.
  • Consuming the right food to treat your body right and to maintain its health.
  • Nourishing our immune system and following through with the protocols that secure the protection of our inner tissues.
  • Taking herbs and natural ingredients such as kalmegh, amalaki, gudduchi, ashwagandha, and other products to build a defence mechanism inside the body.

Ayurveda's Tip for Strengthening Immune System to Fight Covid19

Ayurveda's tip for boosting immunity consists of both internal and external actions. You can improve your immunity by improving your daily routine, as well as taking herbs that necessarily contribute to the growth and nourishment of your immune cells. Here are the top tips for boosting your immunity to fight Covid19:

  • Rectifying your daily routine by waking up early, rinsing your mouth, drinking hot water, performing pranavaha and rasavaha exercises, cleaning your stomach and maintaining the balance between immunity and strength.
  • Drinking regular tea with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, tulsi, mint and other herbs. Take a warm bath to regulate the body's temperature.
  • Pacifying the ills or doshas by removing heavy toxins from the body.
  • Being mindful about our sleep and making a proper routine around it.
  • Take daily walks and practise yoga regularly.
  • Keeping the digestive fire burning in our belly by taking care of our gut health.

Ayurveda's Diet For Fight Against Covid19

Ayurveda's fight against Covid-19 goes far beyond medicine. It is focused on improving the lifestyle and diet regimen of people. Here are some of the prescribed dietary restrictions recommended to corona patients.

  • Warm and light food, prepared with fresh condiments.
  • Food prepared with natural species such as coriander, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, and others.
  • A balanced meal of salt, sweet, and sour flavor.
  • Nourished dairy products such as paneer, lassi, and buttermilk.
  • Vegetable proteins along with mung dal and rice, with couscous and other juicy fruits.

Ayurveda's Herbs For Fighting Against Covid19

There are two types of ayurvedic herbs: Rejuvinative and healing herbs. Both are instrumental in the fight against covid. Ashwagandha, giloy, tulsi, amla, Triphala, amril Kalash, and turmeric are healing herbs. Whereas Mulethi, Neem, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, Neem, Amla, honey, ghee, and dry fruits are rejuvenating herbs.

Ayurveda's Healing Regimen in The Fight Against Covid

Ayurveda's fight against covid isn't restricted to diagnosis and treatment. It covers the entire outlay of a person's recovery. With a BAMS degree, you can also become a certified practitioner of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda's principles believe in the preservation of life through the clear functioning of the respiratory system. The Pranavaha srota, which is the study of the connection between the heart and Dashadhamini can be managed through shwas, Kasa, pratishya, and jwara. In Ayurveda, the diagnosis of covid is traced through loss of appetite, indigestion, and respiratory uneasiness.


The Rasayanas in Ayurveda boost immunity and delay onset ageing. They also build body compounds that provide resilience and longevity to our internal systems. The Rasayanas, coupled with healthy food and reformed living can become a potent shield for the body. When it comes to covid, the best Rasayanas prescribed are Agastya rasayan, Tulisi, Giloy, and Pippali Rasayana.


There is an array of medicines available for the fight against Covid. The common practice, availability, and affordability determines their application and usage. Ayurvedic medicine is safe and has proven efficacy against the virus. Thousands of patients used Ayurvedic medicine such as Chitrak Haritaki, Laxmi Vilas ras, Eladivati, Sitopaladi churna, Kantakari ghrita, hinguleshvar rasa and, tankan bhasma for different stages of flu.


The application of Ayurvedic treatment has successfully resulted in the prevention of viral attacks. Medicated fumes, also known as Dhoopan Karma, is the purposeful burning of dried plant or animal to generate smog of much-needed healing potion. This practice is a concentrated evolution of performing havan to fumigate our surroundings and make it aseptic. Nimbpatra, neem bark, neem fruit, Guggal, Sarso, Devdaru, and Jatamansi are all vital plants that can create a kind of smoke that destroys all diseases. Many patients seek Ayurvedic treatment from Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College, Bhopal.


A medical cocktail of therapeutic herbs, also known as aushadhiis, is absorbed through the oral route and it also employs the use of bioavailability. Herbs are also helpful in the recovery of patients. Many of them are Kantakari, Pippali, Brihati, Elaichi, Pushkarmool, Harikti, Tulsi, Sati, and Amalaki.

In Conclusion

Ayurveda believes in the holistic improvement of your health, unlike modern medicine which focuses on fighting against specific diseases. Ayurveda's fight against Covid is fixated on building your immunity and increasing your endurance, which are universal cures for all sorts of ailments.