Explosive Growth of Ayurveda in the past decade

Growth of Ayurevda


After COVID-19 stepped into the world, a lot has taken a toll on people's physical health and mental health. Medical science has evolved over the past two years at a drastic pace. A highly ignored pursuit, Ayurveda has been prevalent in our country for centuries, but the past decade has shown its importance extravagantly. Innovative clinical drug trials have been announced by the government to cure the new deadly COVID-19, and Ayurveda has proved to be one of the most effective remedies, let's find out how!

The History of Ayurveda

Ayurveda has been living in India for ages, but after the introduction of modern medicine, its importance was seen declining over the years. Be it the inadequacies of Ayurveda or the fast-growing field of modern medicine, efficient medicines showing faster results ended up in decreasing confidence in Ayurveda.

The formation of the Ministry of AYUSH in the year 2014, started an important and efficient movement to support this historic science which is known and practiced worldwide. Currently, 256 Ayurvedic colleges are available in India for students to study at, 2400 Ayurvedic hospitals, and over 4.8 lakh Ayurvedic physicians who are active in the country. One of the most prevalent ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal is the very popular MAMC.

Important figures in our country like Baba Ramdev have also been a crucial part in taking a front foot to strengthen the science of Ayurveda. His venture, Patanjali has seen a huge rise in the popularity of Ayurveda among all the generations. Ayurveda, as an industry, has seen a lot of growth in the past three decades, and that growth has been unprecedented.

Ayurveda- A Boon

Having a record that is excellent in the field of treating non-communicable diseases and numerous lifestyle disorders, Ayurveda is considered to be a slow practice, which is supported by slow medicines. Ayurvedic experts from MAMC tell us that the practice of Ayurveda is not uniform, seasonal variations, geographic conditions of plants. Ayurveda is a holistic approach in which an individual is treated individually, which is very much unlike in modern medicine.

The Global Perspective

Global interest in Ayurveda has taken a rise altogether. Countries like the US and Europe, have been seen extensively practicing this science, and this comes because of mass dislike against highly dangerous modern medicines. Various Ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal like MAMC also conduct international conferences and workshops with countries that have an excellent presence of Ayurveda.

On the other hand, some countries do not consider Ayurveda as a medical science because of its slow results. Countries like South Korea, which already has its take on natural remedies and herbal medicines, are often seen selling Ayurvedic medicines as on-counter products in their marts and grocery shops, rather than selling them as medicines.

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India - A country of Ayurveda

India as a country possesses a distinctive advantage and potential to represent itself as a country dominating the science of Ayurveda. Remarkable successes in the research work pursued in Ayurveda along with competent and skilled manpower are what has evolved India at a stage that is comparable to other countries.

Ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal are top-notch in their state-of-art facilities. Kerala has been declared officially a state for Ayurvedic instances; herbal formulations are researched regularly, with clear outstanding results. Colleges like MAMC also carry out numerous researches at the college level, and offers courses graduation and post graduation courses in Ayurveda, to further enhance the progress in this beautiful field of science. Cases of rheumatoid arthritis, filariasis, have been treated excellently and better than modern medicine. Not just physical but also mental health has been treated through Ayurveda.

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Undergoing major transformations over decades, and ages, Ayurveda is something India will always be proud to parent. Deeply rooted in Hindu civilization, Ayurveda is still growing and competing to get it at par with modern medicine. Loved by a few and unliked by a few, Ayurveda has developed its journey and a place in the medical system. Many scholars and professionals in the field of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic colleges in Bhopal have also put in a petition to introduce Ayurveda as a part of the original modern medicine in colleges and higher institutions. Awareness and tranquility are what will take Ayurveda to greater extents. Ayurvedic medicines should be validated, and the science of Ayurveda should be looked at as an integrative and holistic approach towards humanity. Ayurveda is a legacy that has to be preserved to be known in the name of India before the whole wide world.