Know all about the BAMS course - Admission details, Syllabus, and Career Options

BAMS Course

Introduction to BAMS

The Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Science (BAMS) is an undergraduate degree in Ayurvedic medicine. It is one of the most acclaimed degrees in alternative medicine in India and is highly popular among new generations of medical scholars. A BAMS course duration spans 5½ years, which includes an internship.

Ayurveda and natural sciences hold incredible weight in India and are a trusted way of healing for millions of people. BAMS sophisticates the learning of Ayurvedic healing and trains students through a revised and updated curriculum. A BAMS graduate can start their career somewhere around INR 3.5 LPA and scale further with experience. If you’re interested in natural sciences and Ayurveda and wish to enroll for a BAMS Degree, then here’s all that you need to know about it

Main Features of a BAMS Degree

Particulars BAMS Degree
Course BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)
Level Undergraduate
Duration 5½ years
Syllabus Modern Anatomy, Principles of Medicine, Physiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, ENT, Forensic Medicine, Botany, and Principles of Surgery.
Internship Mandatory (1 year)
Title Vr. (Vaidya)
The focus of the degree The study of Ayurveda and its treatment course for various diseases.
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Why Choose BAMS

Global Relevance:

Ayurveda is an influential science with many takers in the west. The entire world is taking heed of natural treatment and embracing stuff like turmeric milk and cumin water. India can be a leading importer of goods based on these products, and BAMS doctors will have brand new avenues of employment.

Minimal Side Effect:

BAMS doctors prescribe natural medicine with little to no side effects. The medicine is also combined with the adaptation of healthy habits such as Yoga and meditation. With a BAMS degree, you can become a certified expert in the field.

Lucrative Job Industry:

BAMS graduates can pursue the most common route and take a job as a physician, or they can diversify their skill set and become an educator, marketing manager, medical representative, business development officer etc.

Higher Studies:

Since BAMS is an undergraduate degree, graduates can move further in their careers with a post graduation in Ayurveda through Master of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences (MAMS).

BAMS Admission Criteria and Eligibility

BAMS Course Admissions are based on entrance exams and private admission cycles. Like all other medical admissions, BAMS eligibility is based on NEET. The entrance exam for the course is common throughout the country. Those interested in qualifying for a BAMS seat can enroll for the joint entrance test. The students are required to qualify for the exam so that seats can be allotted in their desired colleges.

  • NEET: NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is a common entrance test conducted by the National Education Policy of India. Students interested in enrolling for the degree are required to qualify for the test to be considered. The admission is done through classification and counseling. This helps in eliminating undue influence and levels the competition to the level of the test scores. Once test scores are announced, NEP prepares the final counseling list and seats are allotted.
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BAMS Syllabus

BAMS degree's curriculum is split into four years. The division of the syllabus allows students to build on their learned subjects and compound their knowledge with time.

Here's what the BAMS Curriculum entails:

Year Subject
Year 1 Ayurveda Nirupana
Pratyaksha Pariksha
Dravya Vigyan Niyam
Samavaya Vigyanam
Year 2 Dravya
Mishraka Gana
Vyadhi Vigyan
Diseases of Rasa Vaha Srotas
Basic Pathology
Year 3 Dinacharya
Pancha Kosha Theory
Preventive Geriatrics
Garbha Vigyana
Year 4 Snehana
Virechana Karma
Kshara and Kshara Karma

Career Options After Completing BAMS

BAMS graduates have a populated and lucrative job market waiting for them. They can get a job in both the private and public sectors. Hundreds of Ayurvedic companies are resorting to Ayurvedic treatment, which opens up plenty of job opportunities for experts in the field.

Here are some of the leading positions open for BAMS graduates:


The most recommended and obvious route for a BAMS graduate is to establish a practice after getting the degree or join a hospital. While Ayurveda is popular in India, it is hard to maintain a decent-paying service for yourself. It can take years to build a respectable command over the centuries-old craft, which is why it is better to get started as soon as you can.

Drug Manufacturer

The manufacturing of Ayurvedic drugs requires a thorough knowledge of old artifacts and ingredients. It is a bit different from that of modern medicine. The process requires ample research and the skill to scavenge hidden gems. BAMS graduates are best prepared to take on this role.

Medical Researcher

Medicine research is an important part of the process. The research for the advancement of Ayurvedic healing and its integration into the modern infrastructure of medicine is being carried out by trained individuals with BAMS degrees. If being a physician is not your cup of tea, then you can devote your valuable time to the research of Ayurvedic healing and holistic living.

Drug Administrator

Management and administration of Ayurvedic medicine is a booming field with many predicted vacancies. With a BAMS and experience in the field, you can become a certified drug administrator and manage a critical part of the treatment process.


BAMS is one of the leading careers of choice for millions of medical aspirants. The exploding need for Ayurvedic doctors and researchers needs to be met by teachers who can impart modern ways of pursuing science. There are ample jobs in the educational avenues of Ayurveda. You can start your career as a teacher/professor soon after your BAMS degree and become a leading figure in the field.

In Conclusion

Here's all there is to know about BAMS, which is a leading course in the sphere of Ayurveda and other alternative medicines. With a degree in BAMS from Mansarovar Ayurvedic Medical College (MAMC), you can be a part of this workforce as well.